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I don’t know when it will appear in the preware feed. If you want to test it, here is the ipk: Please check Preware for the latest updates of OfflineBrowser. As some of you might already read on Twitter, I wrote little Offline Browser app which tries to fix some annoyance with the original browser […]

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Terminus on WebOS 2.1

Terminus should now be able to work on every 2.1 device. I’ve updated my previous article here. Please take attention to step 4.a which is the key for the none-working attempts. If you already have a none-working Terminus because of the wrong line endings, try the following: 1. set line endings in internals to ‘linux’ […]

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Get shell access on your webos 2.1.0 device

If you are an experienced Linux user or just like to dig inside the core of your webos phone, you probably had a couple of advanced homebrew apps installed on your webos phone: * Internalz for anything related with file activities (although an hex viewer is still missing) * Terminal, Terminus or xterm for shell […]

März 10, 2011 · admin · 2 Comments
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Original Palm Pre auf WebOS 2.1 updaten

Hier wollte ich mal kurz beschreiben, was ich machen musste um meinen Palm Pre, gekauft im November 2009, auf das gerade veröffentlichte WebOS 2.1 upzudaten. Als Vorbereitung sollte man dafür sorgen, das 1. Die WebOS-interne Datensicherung auf aktuellem Stand ist. 2. Mit Save/Restore aus dem Preware-Katalog die meisten Anwendungseinstellungen gesichert sind. 3. Ein Backup aller […]

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A dynamic list of my apps for webos

My Apps  And here is the patch for a better working browser in offline mode. Do you know it? When you are in an area with bad coverage you you eventually click a link in your email or twitter app? The browser window comes up to tell you about missing online connection and asks you […]

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2TwitMe 1.4

Here is 2TwitMe – the native twitter client for Palm OS. This will be probably one of the last updates for 2TwitMe. Twitter recently changed there authorization to oAuth and this is something to difficult to handle for me with Palm OS. I’ve installed a twitter proxy one a server of mine which will allow […]

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MapTool, one more

There is now another great option to create offline maps from various source: Mapc2mapc. You can read here: the post from pitsop about it. Mapc2mapc is available from here: This tool was made by John Thorn and he also added OSMtracker support which is compatible with MapTool. Very, very nice 🙂 Also I […]

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Developers: Use MapTool to display multiple spots on a map

Just a small how-to for WebOS developers to use the free MapTool app to display several spots on a map. You can sublaunch MapTool from your app and give it a parameter set with a description of the spots you want to show. MapTool is available from the AppCatalog and the Homebrew repository on […]

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2TwitMe 1.3

It’s done when it’s done and now it is done: 2TwitMe 1.3 Still the best Twitter client for Palm OS comes now with a ton of new cool features and enhancements. The first one: The Timeline is much more readable than ever before. You even get avatar pics. Here is the list of changes (still […]

November 24, 2009 · admin · 17 Comments
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List of mobile apps for the Palm Pré

Since a week I have my own Palm Pré. The amount of available apps is still limited (even if I try to increase it too). Therefore it would be quite interesting to collect websites and web-apps which work well on the Palm Pré. The websites and apps are usually made with the iPhone in mind […]

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