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Denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun…

Gemeint sind unsere Politiker: Video und der SPON-Artikel dazu.

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Some weeks ago, Palm announced its next “big thing” the Foleo. A sub-notebook sized mobile companion. It’s based on a Linux OS and will enhance your mobile phone with a larger screen and a full size keyboard. I’m not very sure if it will be a success but decided to provide my intelligent flash-card e-learning […]

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Traffic Counter in 2LaunchMe

Lately, I wrote here about the small realtime traffic counter I’ve added into 2LaunchMe (prc). It appears on the upper right corner of the display and is updated on every event which flows through the OS. I enhanced it now, added time, date, battery percent (all optional) and took care of changing widths and remaining […]

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LJP 1.0 rc8

LJP: first try to enable a different IR-keyboard make a short message (blue on black…) to indicate when LJP is loading a custom ini file added Treo 755 support maybe more, but then I’ve forgot about Please give it a try (rc8: zip, tar.gz) and go to for bug reports and forum. You can […]

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Traffic Counter

The Traffic Counter issue grabbed my intention: Wouldn’t it be cool if you have a counter always visible, when you’re online? I’m also always interested in the battery capacity of my Treo 680. I combined both, added it to 2LaunchMe and decided to release it in the next days as 2LaunchMe2. You can preview it, […]

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More to updates

Hi, Summer time is coming and me own time is short. But during the last weeks I fixed something here and there and added some small but nice new features to some of my apps: CallerInfo – I guess a still underrated little cool tool. It now knows the duration of your last call, if […]

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