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Some findings on WebOS

Auto text-correction in WebOs is at least in German not always very smart. One could wish to disable it: Pick up your WebOSQuickInstall app and change in /etc/palm/browser.conf the value at [General] EnableSmartText=false To examine is still if /etc/palm/browser-app.conf contains the value to cache webpages. Another patch is to show the state of the mute […]

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Heading for a nice free online Golf game?

Do you have some minutes to waste? And do you like online challenges? Have a look at they release a pretty cool 3D Golf game which is not only free, but also multiplayer, has a nice world ranking list and is playable without any real download. Actually they’re using flash, means it run completely […]

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2TwitMe 1.3

It’s done when it’s done and now it is done: 2TwitMe 1.3 Still the best Twitter client for Palm OS comes now with a ton of new cool features and enhancements. The first one: The Timeline is much more readable than ever before. You even get avatar pics. Here is the list of changes (still […]

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Recording audio on a Pré

Well. just before I come with a 1.3 release of 2TwitMe (which makes it also one of the best Twitter clients even on a Pré) I found a way to record audio on the Pré. It’s not a way you would do every day, but maybe on could wrap it into a nice UI: * […]

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Palm User Meeting 2009 in Hannover

Yesterday was the PUM 2009 in Hannover, Germany. Torsten started with an introduction into WebOS from a user’s view. After that, we had an interesting live-video chat with Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith from Palm. Afterwards, there was a small break for food, drinks and head-to-head chats. After the break I made a talk about […]

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