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2 Player support for LJP

Tonight, I’ve added 2 player support for the NES module of LJP. I’ve tried it with Super Offroad and it worked. One player uses the device keys the other could use the BT gamepad. It worked quite well, but the small screen makes it more or less a technical demonstration 🙂 I don’t want to […]

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How I accidentally changed the overall volume of my Treo 680

Lately, I had to call my girlfriend to make some arrangement for dinner this evening. I was working, sitting in front of my laptop, writing some new code. I looked up the number in the received call list and dialed it. She was on a playground with the kids and I knew I have to […]

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PalmPDF 1.6 will come for sure

Lately, there was some news about a security hole in Xpdf which is the base of PalmPDF. Therefore I decided to bring PalmPDF back to the front page and not only include the fix for this security hole but also add some other things: Update the font rendering engine, FreeType, to the latest version Send […]

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