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Developers: Use MapTool to display multiple spots on a map

Just a small how-to for WebOS developers to use the free MapTool app to display several spots on a map. You can sublaunch MapTool from your app and give it a parameter set with a description of the spots you want to show. MapTool is available from the AppCatalog and the Homebrew repository on […]

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How-To use 2TrackMe, Part 1

You have 5 ways to set the current position in 2TMe: use your GPS device and select ‘Connect to GPS’, tap’n’hold on screen and select “Position”, use “Guess Position” from the menu: on a Centro find the position of your current cell tower, search for any place registered in OpenStreetMap, enter coordinates directly. From your […]

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A Java application to create offline maps for 2TrackMe

I’ve just uploaded an altered version of JTileDownloader to download offline maps for use with 2TrackMe. It’s written in Java and you will need the JRE from Sun for your computer. Download the archive, unpack it and run the JTileDownloader.bat file, which just calls: cd src java org/openstreetmap/fma/jtiledownloader/JTileDownloaderStart The map files are stored on your […]

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Some more downloads…

I’ve added some updates to the download section: OperaFrontEnd (OFE)  the best way to integrate Opera Mini into Palm OS is now updated to 1.4. I’ve mainly reworked the registration schema a bit and added an option to suppress the browser selection dialog.

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1Silde4U (the free Nexave-Keyguard) and other updates

Hi, I hope you are going well. The weather here in Germany is kind of weird for November I guess. St. Martin’s day is arrived and the “hand lantern”-season has come. Since, I have 2 small kids, every year there is an evening in November when you have to go out with your self-made lantern […]

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LJP (Multi console emulator for Palm OS) 1.1 released

Yes, LJP 1.1 is out. It mainly fixes things like: screen buttons (in the 4 screen corners) on Treo or Centro didn’t work some games on SNES didn’t work because of the multi-adapter emulation, it’s optional now in Genesis the 6 button joypad didn’t work, there is now an option to select between 3 or […]

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