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Hurry up

Fluglotse discount (7.50 instead of 10.95) only lasts until 5/17/2007. CallerInfo is released now and the promised discount (7.50 instead of 10.00) lasts until 05/20/2007.

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CallerInfo 2nd

Ok, now I did find the time to check CallerInfo on a Treo 650. Stupid Palm completely changed the phone event flow between 650 and 680. On the 650 CallerInfo didn’t stopped when you refuse the call, now it’s fixed. On the 650 the AfterCall display didn’t appeared if you finished the call, now it’s […]

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CallerInfo, ready to release?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve dared to test CallerInfo during the last days. I did 🙂 and step by step it really starts to be a useful tool: On one site you have the more on infos about the one who calls you, which is already a great feature. Next, CallerInfo will assign vCalendar […]

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Results of a long, long evening

are shown up: LJP 1.0rc7 is here and these are the news: Screen modes should now be fail safe: no more memory trashing when selecting a wrong screen mode or when using x1.25 together with the Beltbar. IR keyboard stuff is included: I only tested it in NES, there it works but expect a little […]

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Having a backup on SD-Card

but no backup of your SD-Card doesn’t make things much safer… One of my SD-Card just lost its content – mysterious. There was no file and no folder in the root but both Palm and Desktop gave me a fill level of 90%. To make thing worse (I guess everything was rescue-able) I decided to […]

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Do you know the game Fluglotse? No? Well, then head over to and download your trial. Basically it’s a strategic air traffic controller game. Planes enter your area and you guide them to their exits or land them on the runway in the middle of the area. Sounds easy, but as more and more […]

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