Having a backup on SD-Card

but no backup of your SD-Card doesn’t make things much safer… One of my SD-Card just lost its content – mysterious. There was no file and no folder in the root but both Palm and Desktop gave me a fill level of 90%. To make thing worse (I guess everything was rescue-able) I decided to kill the rest of my SD-Crad by the famous chkdisk.exe. Oh well, now I have a bunch of files with numbers instead of names and decided to better format this mess. Now I need to stop testing until I can run a new backup and this time I should really store it on my desktop 🙂

What’s going on? LJP: I fixed another bunch of bugs, it now handles wrong screen modes gracefully and also recognizes hires+ devices correctly. How is landscape mode on TX supposed to work? Is it supposed to work at all? Next, and here I was in process of implementing, will be the IR keyboard support. I guess then I’m done with LJP and only go for bug fixes for the next days. Means, you need to report bugs 🙂

Another new project which is almost done is a new application for the Treo, called CallerInfo. It’s written to show you more infos about the calling party than the standard caller screen shows you, but without overriding it. The standard screen appears and CallerInfo will show you a bunch of selectable infos from your address book. Makes it easier to distinguish between different people from different companies and stuff. You could also display mother’s day to be prepared when you mother calls you next(?) Sunday 😉 Expect a release in the next days. UPDATE: And a public beta test today!

Ok, that’s it for today, need to fix my SD-Card…

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