Do you know the game Fluglotse? No? Well, then head over to https://www.mobihand.com/product.asp?id=11707 and download your trial. Basically it’s a strategic air traffic controller game. Planes enter your area and you guide them to their exits or land them on the runway in the middle of the area. Sounds easy, but as more and more planes enter the area things get crowded. Planes can have different speed and limited fuel. Avoid collisions or even just dangerous close-ups.

Ok, enough for the advertising some more words to LJP: I’ve now added a panic-exit button and allow to define 4 more buttons for Genesis. There is something wrong with the sound in Genesis, just like only z80 works. I’ll hope I can find the reason once… Another bad thing: it crashes my Treo 680 when I start Super Mario Kart on SNES. It works fine on Zodiac. Maybe some screen mode stuff? I’m digging for this bug the next days.

Here are now some more pictures:

A cow ;-)A new mosque in BerlinThe interior of the mosqueThe bath room

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