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LJP 1.0 rc9, the never-ending story of a release candidate

What the heck, another release candidate of LJP 1.0. I’m sure, next year I will release a real 1.0 just to stop this stupid rcX-stuff. Ok, but this is now rc9, which was released as a preview before and not much changed since then but 1st there was a question about a Christmas release at […]

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Decent Browser-experience on Palm OS

Starting from the comments of a entry about 2Cool4U I think I should write some thoughts about how few efforts it might take for Palm to bring a decent browser experience to there devices. What are the options: A new NetFront from Access. They currently released something about a new version for Windows Mobile. […]

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2Cool4U, 0.95

Just a short note before Christmas break: Merry Christmas to all and as a kind of small gift, there is 0.95 of 2Cool4U online now. Changes are: Private records can be shown or hidden depending on the security options Colors can be adjusted and the result is saved on the device. Look for “Color_2C4M” database […]

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2Cool4U, 0.94

2Cool4U has now reached version 0.94! What’s new: Contact pictures are displayed on the right, if included Access to Call log is possible (just drag the screen to the left to switch, drag to the right to go back to contacts list) Bugfixes See this nice screenshot from 2Cool4U 0.93 made by DickieD from […]

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2Cool4U, 2nd preview

After I made the first preview public I received a couple of great ideas and comments. Based on this I’ve added things and made another preview: 0.93. Change Log: Bigger entries, easier to hit. Entries divided, large left part for fast dialing (uses the first stored number for the contact), smaller part on the right […]

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What is 2Cool4U at the moment? A new way to access your contact list. How will it mature? In future it will also include a launcher part. How cool is this? Wipe through your contacts list with your thumb. Press a key and have it jump directly to the first matching contact. Tap the contact […]

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