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An app to register another app for a certain file type…

Here comes an app which allows to register another app for a given file type on WebOS. The app is very basic and you can’t unregister or register for urls. But anyways here comes the app which performs the registration. It still might be handy for other devs which want to have some file type […]

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WebOS: register your own app as file handler

This is some info I gathered doing enhancing my app iCalImporter. If you like this info here, you could buy this app to show me your appreciation. Have you ever tried the menu item “Default Apps” (German: Standardanwendungen) in the App Launcher’s menu? Then you know that apps can register for certain file/mime types. But […]

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MapTool, one more

There is now another great option to create offline maps from various source: Mapc2mapc. You can read here: the post from pitsop about it. Mapc2mapc is available from here: This tool was made by John Thorn and he also added OSMtracker support which is compatible with MapTool. Very, very nice 🙂 Also I […]

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