ImageWorker Pro

ImageWorker is the first 100% local image processing on WebOS. It doesn’t depend on data connection coverage, it’s fast and saves you bandwidth and therefore money.

How does it work:

The app starts with a list of photos in the USB partition of your device. You can navigate across this list with the up/down, top/bottom buttons on the lower part of the screen. Directories if present are on top. The top-most entry is the “Parent Folder” entry which brings you one level up in the folder hierarchy. To open an image, tap on its entry.

The current loaded image is displayed in a scaled down version which fits the screen. In the bottom you can read the real image dimension in pixels for width and height. On the left part of the screen you have the controls. Some controls will pop up sub controls when you tap them. Some controls will only work, when you’ve selected a region on the screen. These controls are gray and become blue when a region is selected. You select a region by moving your finger across the image.

When you apply a filter on the image keep in mind that you usually see a very much scaled-down version of the original image and the filter does apply on the original size. Things like blurring will not be easy visible in the scaled-down version. For these filters you better work with a down-sized copy of your image: Size->640

You can always undo the last processing using the back-swipe gesture.

At the end, you might want to save your work (to upload it on a website or post it into a social network for instance). Tap on Project and select Save. You can now specify a name for this image. When entering text, keep in mind that capital letters or punctuation are accessible by simultaneous pressing of qualifier and letter key.

If you can’t save the image because of the WebOS bug in 1.4.5 you will need to apply the Emergency Fstab Fixer. You can read everything about it here.

Another option is to print the image on a HP (or compatible) network printer. The print-out only supports grayscale printing at the moment but further updates will bring more options here. If you don’t have a network printer you might use my free RawPrintServer package for Windows which installs a compatible printing service which then prints on any local windows compatible printer.

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