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Using a Dual-SIM adapter in my Palm Centro

I’m using a Dual-Sim solution since some time. As I had a Treo 680 before, I used an adapter without cutting which fits very tight beneath the battery. My new Centro doesn’t has the space for this adapter therefore I looked for something new and found (after reading the comments in this German thread) this […]

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Bicycles on a highway

Today was a special day here in Berlin. Thousands of bicycles entered the town, throw the cars out of the streets: and even occupied the city-highways: We mounted our bikes (the daughter on a special seat on my girlfriends bike and my son in a special trailer behind my bike) and joined the course. The […]

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Do you know the game Fluglotse? No? Well, then head over to and download your trial. Basically it’s a strategic air traffic controller game. Planes enter your area and you guide them to their exits or land them on the runway in the middle of the area. Sounds easy, but as more and more […]

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Random thoughts

Welcome visitor, thank you for coming to my new blog. I’ve mainly created it because it was an option web space provider offered. Now, I ‘ve decided to add some pictures (almost one per day) which I made with the rather bad camera of my Treo 680 and some news about new software I’m currently […]

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