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thank you for coming to my new blog. I’ve mainly created it because it was an option web space provider offered. Now, I ‘ve decided to add some pictures (almost one per day) which I made with the rather bad camera of my Treo 680 and some news about new software I’m currently working on. Later, I hope, I can link the pictures with google.maps and create a kind of picturesque map of my life. Here are the first pictures:

Berlin, FriedrichstraßeBerlin, FriedrichstraßeBerlin, Görlitzer Park

And here some infos about he stuff I’m currently working on (for Palm):

  • LJP v1.0 bug fixing and enhancing. It seems it’s coming to an end soon. IR-keyboard support will one of the last great things. A panic exit key will came too which I hope to connect with an incoming call notification. Something which could be very useful in the Z-Games too.
  • MyUAE also strongly needs support for BT-gamepad, Treo keyboard, IR-keyboard, bug fixing, different screen modes with scaling and HD support. When I’m ever be able to get Lotus 3 running on my Treo with nice sound I would be more than glad…
  • Other projects popping up from time to time are an OCR application for Palm OS (crashes big time, don’t know why), the Nokia webkit browser (starts soon) and an answering machine for the Treo 680. BTW: anyone interested in a half-working baby-phone application for the Treo?


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  1. Daniel M. - Juni 28, 2007

    Hi, your idea about an ocr for palmos sounds great to me…. and the answering machine should work on a treo 650 also…. . did you work further with these projekts?



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