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Simyo und HTTP: HEAD

24. Sep 2008 12:12 Für’s Archiv: ein HTTP: HEAD Kommando verhält sich im bei GPRS über Simyo anders als über T-Mobile oder DSL. Konkret, es kommt keine Antwort auf ein HTTP: HEAD zurück. Aufgefallen ist es mir im FetchMap Projekt von Matthias Prinke. Gruß HenkBlogged with MobBlog on Palm OS by MetaViewSoft.

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1slide4u: Nexave keyguard 1.5

I’m proud to present Nexave keyguard, version 1.5 This update brings the following new features and fixes a couple of bugs: displays BT status no flashing after SnapperMail finishes its background task Hotsync button goes through phone number on CDMA too kMeteo weather was shifted one day Get it from here: And see for […]

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TogglePrivate.prc / Nexave.prc 1.4b

TogglePrivate is a small tool for Palm OS to toggle the private state of database entries. Mostly useful with PIM databases. Another feature is the multiple database send feature. TogglePrivate remembers the selected databases and can send them to your second device with much less taps than you would need with a normal file browser […]

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Transparent PalmOS keyguard (for free) V: 1.4

Let me first point you to another software which I’ve recently updated: 2LaunchMe 2.4 Why? Well, first I’m glad if you would buy any of my other apps if you by any chance like the Nexave keyguard. But why 2LaunchMe? If you have a Treo or Centro you will get a nice hot-key application, desktop […]

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