Transparent PalmOS keyguard (for free) V: 1.4

Let me first point you to another software which I’ve recently updated: 2LaunchMe 2.4

Why? Well, first I’m glad if you would buy any of my other apps if you by any chance like the Nexave keyguard. But why 2LaunchMe? If you have a Treo or Centro you will get a nice hot-key application, desktop accessory or preference panel launcher. You may also put any MyKbd (a nice application for Alex Pruss) Macro on a key and have even more complex tasks right on a finger tip. Or you want to monitor your online traffic or online time. 2LaunchMe could do it for you. Another cool stuff is the possibility to call any number from any active field on the screen: using the mostly unused green button on your smartphone, 2LaunchMe will try to determine the number under the cursor or, if it doesn’t work, grab what ever you have in your clipboard and present it to you in a way so you can edit it, call it or send a short message to the number. Check it out: pdassi or mtdn

But now back to the transparent keyguard with the slide effect: Version 1.4 is here. What’s new? Mainly it now works also with the 5 seconds or 30 seconds settings. I’ve also added a slider to adjust the timeout time if you like to have more time to read for example the next day’s weather. You can get it from the usual place:

And look here, from PalmAddicts presents Nexave on his phone.

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