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Github projects to check out

I just wanted to give the github projects I’m currently involved with some more publicity: 1st) An EnyoJS based RSS reader client for your own TinyTiny RSS installation. Successfully tested on a range of mobile devices (I run it on my webOS based Pre2). 2nd) A Midi parsing app for Windows written in plain […]

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Some little notes about BlackBerry debug token and stuff

Just stumbled upon: The debug token of my Playbook was invalid and I had to renew it. Of course I have stored my BlackBerry keys (author.p12, barsigner.csk, barsigner.db) on a save place and I already wrote a handy little batch file to create and install the debug token: REM Playbook set OLDDIR=%CD% cd C:\Program Files\Research […]

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wxWidgets 2.8.12 and Visual Studio 2010 Express

Today I’ve tried to compile the latest stable wxWidgets (2.8.12) with the oldest Visual Studio Express edition one could download from Microsoft on my Windows 7 64 bit system. Using the wx.dsw (workspace) file I got an error about VS 2010 being unable to convert the dsp (project) files. I found a solution on this […]

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I don’t know when it will appear in the preware feed. If you want to test it, here is the ipk: Please check Preware for the latest updates of OfflineBrowser. As some of you might already read on Twitter, I wrote little Offline Browser app which tries to fix some annoyance with the original browser […]

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A little example app to my previous post: #WebOS-HowTo: Make your 2D SDL app @Palm Pixi compatible.

As promised I created a small example app which will show you a running example of how to make your 2D SDL app compatible with Pixi. Here it come, the source and also a complete (Windows VC++-based) project:

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#WebOS-HowTo: Make your 2D SDL app @Palm Pixi compatible

WebOS in the current version of 1.4.5 has a bug regarding 2D-SDL rendering. Normally, you would create a SDL_Surface, render your object on it and update the screen with help of SDL_Flip() or SDL_UpdateRect() call. This doesn’t really work on a Pixi: The app works for some seconds and then the screen stops updating. The […]

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MapTool, one more

There is now another great option to create offline maps from various source: Mapc2mapc. You can read here: the post from pitsop about it. Mapc2mapc is available from here: This tool was made by John Thorn and he also added OSMtracker support which is compatible with MapTool. Very, very nice 🙂 Also I […]

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Developers: Use MapTool to display multiple spots on a map

Just a small how-to for WebOS developers to use the free MapTool app to display several spots on a map. You can sublaunch MapTool from your app and give it a parameter set with a description of the spots you want to show. MapTool is available from the AppCatalog and the Homebrew repository on […]

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How-To use 2TrackMe, Part 1

You have 5 ways to set the current position in 2TMe: use your GPS device and select ‘Connect to GPS’, tap’n’hold on screen and select “Position”, use “Guess Position” from the menu: on a Centro find the position of your current cell tower, search for any place registered in OpenStreetMap, enter coordinates directly. From your […]

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PreDevCamp is coming to Berlin

PUGcaster is starting the day with a good breakfast

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