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Fast fix for all registered OperaFrontEnd-User

I’m very sorry. In the previous v1.1 of OperaFrontEnd some testing code was left inside which rendered the registered version directly into a non-registered one. I fixed it with v1.2 which you can find the download section. Just install it and everything should be fine. Take care Henk

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OperaFrontEnd v1.1 falls back to Blazer if necessary

Hi friends, I hope you had some nice and peaceful holidays with your family or with your friends. You all already know about my small OperaFrontEnd tool which I released some weeks ago and which is in the best-seller list on Thank you very much for this. Actually OFE is still reduced on […]

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Yes we can? Nope, we do!

Deutscher Beitrag weiter unten, bitte unbedingt lesen! This is probably one of the most craziest things I participate in the last couple of years: the German Palm User Forum, called Nexave (you remember the transparent keyguard, do you?) will send one person to the coming CES in Las Vegas. Now you might ask why? It’s […]

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More to Opera on Palm OS and X-Mas savings

Hi, today I have some more things about making Opera Mini the default browser on your Palm, Treo or Centro. First, if you use the latest Opera Mini version (4.2) you may encounter several locks from time to time. For example it likes to lock up when you press the keyboard during loading. Or it […]

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