OperaFrontEnd v1.1 falls back to Blazer if necessary

Hi friends,

I hope you had some nice and peaceful holidays with your family or with your friends.

You all already know about my small OperaFrontEnd tool which I released some weeks ago and which is in the best-seller list on mobihand.com. Thank you very much for this. Actually OFE is still reduced on mobihand.com. If you ever use you Treo, Centro or Tungsten for browsing don’t hesitate to buy it now, it’s just 2.95 US-$. You can’t make a mistake. The offer ends on Dec. 31st.

OFE v1.0 was a bit limited in regards that you were almost unable to switch back to Blazer: either because of compatibility with a certain web page, a “file://” link which Opera can’t handle or a download for which Opera sends you back to the build-in Blazer. OFE v1.1 will take this into account. For a “file://” URL this is quite easy, OperaFrontEnd will just call Blazer with the URL. For everything else OFE will ask you which browser to launch every time a URL is routed over OFE. It’s one click more for every URL coming from extern, but “Opera Mini” is the default button, means you might just press the enter button of your 5-way navigator once more to dismiss the dialog.

You can download OFE v1.1 from here, from MobiHand, PalmGear.com or pdassi. If you’re already a registered user remember: updates are free. If you aren’t a registered user yet, don’t forget to check out the special offer at MobiHand.

In case you still need some new stuff to play around with, check out this massive savings on all my mobile apps and games on MobiHand! Read about it in this post.

Happy New Year’s eve to all readers,

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  3. bussie - Januar 18, 2009

    Bought and installed Opera Front End.
    I have a Palm Treo 680.

    Everything is working fine but 1 thing not.

    How do i get the keyboard in Opera?

    The helpfile tells shift + menu.

    In the configurant of Opera Front End i have everything checkt on.

    But.. shift + menu. How exactly?

    Need i first push shift and release it and then choose menu or pus and hold down shift and then press menu?

    Shift is the key next to 0 (zero) correct?
    And with menu is mentioned the option menu in opera which you have to select via the stylus correct?

    Do i something wrong or?

    I can’t get the keyboard…

  4. admin - Januar 18, 2009

    “Shift” is the key left to “0” having the up arrow and the search lens printed on it. “Menu” means the key next to “Alt”. You need to press both together, not one after the other as you can do with all other keys on your keyboard. This is to prevent un-wanted keyboard popups during normal text entry.

    You have to perform the Shift+Menu key combination when you are in the big input field in Opera. There is the small, one-line input field (in version 4.x) and a big one. The big one can be accessed using the “Enter symbols” or similar from the small one-line input field.

    Does it help?

  5. bussie - Januar 18, 2009

    Hi there,

    that did the trick!

    Many thanks for your help.

    Greetings from The Netherlands,


  6. admin - Januar 18, 2009

    You’re welcome.

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