More to Opera on Palm OS and X-Mas savings


today I have some more things about making Opera Mini the default browser on your Palm, Treo or Centro.

First, if you use the latest Opera Mini version (4.2) you may encounter several locks from time to time. For example it likes to lock up when you press the keyboard during loading. Or it just locks up after it loads the first KByte.

Now I have probably a solution for you: Opera Mini 4.1. I’ve got it from a friend and before I used version 4.2 (the final of course) and had a lot of lock ups. With 4.1 everything is fine.You can download version 4.1 from here. I guess it’s ok to provide this download. Please contact me if you have any objection against it.

My Java VM settings for Opera Mini are “Double buffering”, “High resolution coordinates”, “4 MB main memory” and “8 Kb stack size”.

Additional to the relialbe Opera Mini version you need my OperaFrontEnd, which I released now as version 1.0. What will it do:

  • adds itself to the helper library as handler for web URLs
  • sets itself as default application for web URLs
  • offers a GoTo-API similar to Blazer’s ones
  • shares the same CreatorID as Blazer to even fool the dumbest apps (about the drawbacks read below)
  • launches Opera Mini and passes URLs it receives into it (which doesn’t work for URLs containing questionmark signs ‘?’)
  • stores URLs also into the clipboard
  • allows access to the on-screen keyboard on smartphone devices using ‘Shift’+’Menu’ (you can define the ‘ron-a-matic stroke‘ to display the keyboard on graffiti devices: prefs->buttons->more)
  • using the on-screen keyboard you have access to the clipboard and can finally also paste URLs with questionmarks

Some remarks:

  • keyboard only pops up if you in the big text entry field (select ‘enter special chars’ in Opera Mini by using up/down in a single line text entry field)
  • sharing the CreatorID with Blazer means you don’t see Blazer (Web) in some custom application launchers anymore. Access it using a file browser or the standard application launcher. Also you might loose history and bookmarks if you delete OperaFrontEnd using the standard launcher’s remove command. To remove it I recommend a file browser too.
  • if you still find an application which still opens Blazer (Web) instead of Opera Mini, try to rename the OperaFrontEnd application file on your device (using a file browser) into ‘Blazer’.
  • OperaFrontEnd allows 50 URL calls before it will send you always back to this blog. During the next days I will publish where you can buy a registration code for not more than US-$ 5.

Happy browsing with Opera Mini!

And now to something completely different…

Several of my apps are reduced at the moment. Look here at

  • 2Cool4U – the most matured contact list front-end with an iPhone-like use
  • PhoneDisconnect – which reliable reminds you of missing calls or waiting messages
  • CallerInfo – shows more infos on the ‘incoming call’ screen and offers you an productive after call dialog
  • 2PlayMe – no need to write more about the best cron-like, automation tool for Palm OS
  • MeisterMerker – makes flash-card learning funny and easy (there is even a synchronization with a freeware PC flash-card application)
  • 2LaunchMe – hotkey launcher, traffic counter, keylight control on your smartphone
  • FlugLotse – a colorful, strategical game in the best style of Air Traffic Controller games
  • WintecTool – an important tool for everyone interested in GPS track logs
  • PalmBuzzer – from funny sounds for every occasion to create music on your Palm

Check them out, the offers last still X-mas season, further updates are always free.


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