OperaFrontEnd – Integrates Opera Mini better into the PalmOS

You’re using Opera Mini on your Palm OS device? You like the small data footprint and the mobile view which it offers? You were alway angry about the inability to use it as default browser and have it opened right from your email application? You speak more than just English and were never able to add accented letters? You really missed the clipboard? Well, now here might be your help:

For Palm OS

  • You can select OperaFrontEnd as your default browser and it will open Opera and enter the URL for you
  • You can open Palm’s on-screen keyboard inside Opera Mini and use it to enter any accented letter and access the clipboard

This application is still in the beta state and is released for feedback and testing. I plan to sell it for 5$/5€ in the near future. It’s tested with Opera Mini Version 4.x. I’m sure it will not work correctly with Opera Mini 2.x but it will be adapted to it before the official release. If you encounter problems, don’t hesitate to write me.

Update: There is an updated version now available under the same link: 0.91. It shares now the CreatorID with the old Blazer 1 browser to be more compatible with applications which doesn’t use the helper API (like ChatterMail and SnapperEmail). Also there is a button to make OperaFrontEnd the default application for URLs, saves you the way into the preferences and makes it working on pre-smartphone devices, like the great TX.


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