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2TellMe – says what you write, LJP 1.2

Welcome to 2TellMe Do you know it? You won some Ebay auctions and now you’re going to enter article numbers, account numbers, bank numbers in to your Palm using Graffiti? A lot of numbers to read from the desktop monitor and enter into your Palm. Or you got some phone numbers to write down. Whenever […]

Juni 20, 2008 · admin · 5 Comments
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LJP (Multi console emulator for Palm OS) 1.1 released

Yes, LJP 1.1 is out. It mainly fixes things like: screen buttons (in the 4 screen corners) on Treo or Centro didn’t work some games on SNES didn’t work because of the multi-adapter emulation, it’s optional now in Genesis the 6 button joypad didn’t work, there is now an option to select between 3 or […]

April 16, 2008 · admin · No Comments
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