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OperaFrontEnd – Integrates Opera Mini better into the PalmOS

You’re using Opera Mini on your Palm OS device? You like the small data footprint and the mobile view which it offers? You were alway angry about the inability to use it as default browser and have it opened right from your email application? You speak more than just English and were never able to […]

November 30, 2008 · admin · One Comment
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Using a Dual-SIM adapter in my Palm Centro

I’m using a Dual-Sim solution since some time. As I had a Treo 680 before, I used an adapter without cutting which fits very tight beneath the battery. My new Centro doesn’t has the space for this adapter therefore I looked for something new and found (after reading the comments in this German thread) this […]

November 29, 2008 · admin · 4 Comments
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Mobile companion for GPS-Track loggers

WintecTool 2.4 is now released with its new possibilities to extract infos from your track log. There are graphs of altitude, velocity, accumulated distance and direct distance from start point plotted over time or accumulated distance. These graphs are very useful to find wrong track points and with your stylus you can select and remove […]

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1Silde4U (the free Nexave-Keyguard) and other updates

Hi, I hope you are going well. The weather here in Germany is kind of weird for November I guess. St. Martin’s day is arrived and the “hand lantern”-season has come. Since, I have 2 small kids, every year there is an evening in November when you have to go out with your self-made lantern […]

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