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Developers: Use MapTool to display multiple spots on a map

Just a small how-to for WebOS developers to use the free MapTool app to display several spots on a map. You can sublaunch MapTool from your app and give it a parameter set with a description of the spots you want to show. MapTool is available from the AppCatalog and the Homebrew repository on […]

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Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing.

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Adding a splah screen to your webos app

With 1.4 you will see a instant opening of the application card in the background which might have a splashscreen and a separate icon on it. How is it done? Add this 2 lines to your appinfo.json: “splashicon”: “icon-256×256.png”, “splashBackground”:”images/splash-screenshot-default.png”, That was grabbed right from the calculator app. To see it you will need to […]

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