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2TwitMe 1.4

Here is 2TwitMe – the native twitter client for Palm OS. This will be probably one of the last updates for 2TwitMe. Twitter recently changed there authorization to oAuth and this is something to difficult to handle for me with Palm OS. I’ve installed a twitter proxy one a server of mine which will allow […]

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2TwitMe 1.3

It’s done when it’s done and now it is done: 2TwitMe 1.3 Still the best Twitter client for Palm OS comes now with a ton of new cool features and enhancements. The first one: The Timeline is much more readable than ever before. You even get avatar pics. Here is the list of changes (still […]

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2TwitMe 1.2a released

A new update for 2TwitMe was released just yesterday: 1.2a. It brings all the cool features from 1.2 together with a couple of bug fixes. You find the download here on this page and can register your copy at pdassi or mobihand. Read about the new features after the break.

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New review of upcoming 2TwitMe release

Tim Carroll from PalmInfoCenter just published a review of the upcoming 2TwitMe release (v 1.2). You can read it in full here. There is also a Chinese review which you can find here. (I can’t read Chinese but thanks to medigi8 for the link.) At the moment, I fix the last couple of known bugs […]

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2TwitMe Update: 1.1

2TwitMe, Version 1.1 is released: * new icon (based on ideas from PUGCaster and stoiniger) * get mentions and auto search results * network code is more reliable * better website preview * support of foreign characters (as long as displayable) * support for proxy base connection * allows a couple of tries before starting […]

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The final Twitter Client for Palm OS has arrived!

Finally, the Twitter client for Palm OS:

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