2TwitMe 1.2a released

A new update for 2TwitMe was released just yesterday: 1.2a. It brings all the cool features from 1.2 together with a couple of bug fixes. You find the download here on this page and can register your copy at pdassi or mobihand. Read about the new features after the break.



* Fixed several crashs (on registration, on posting foreign letters, on
displaying large tweets etc.)
* enhanced network code
* permanent tag will survive app closing


* User page (klick on a @username or the user which posted the tweet
inside the tweet window) – follow, tweets
* up to 12 accounts
* you can specify for each account, what to receive: tweets, directs,
mentions, searches. Add this with multiple account entries for one
account and have everything fine divided.
* some null-ptr crashes removed especially in text preview
* more complete char handling when posting (+ and & for example)
* better char handling in text preview
* support for twitpic and twitgoo
* different notification and auto refresh settings for each account
* selectable sound and volume for notifications
* permanent tags
* different fonts for the main list
* support for URL shortener in “new post” window
* bugfix: following redirection for web preview

There are some new reviews online: PalmAddicts

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  2. paupolina - September 4, 2010

    Hi, I use 2twitme and this week I don’t know what happen with the aplication. I have an error saying “can’t authentificate”. I uninstall an re install and nothing. Do you know what happen?

  3. admin - September 4, 2010

    Twitter just stopped supporting of basic authentification. 2TwitMe can’t handle the new oauth thing yet.

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