List of mobile apps for the Palm Pré

Since a week I have my own Palm Pré. The amount of available apps is still limited (even if I try to increase it too). Therefore it would be quite interesting to collect websites and web-apps which work well on the Palm Pré. The websites and apps are usually made with the iPhone in mind but the similarity of the browsers make quite a few also working well with the Palm Pré and other WebOS devices.

For a start you can find my list of tested stuff here. If you have found some other great websites or web-apps which work well on Palm Pré don’t hesitate to send me a note by email or use the commentary function of this blog.

I will also browse and test Apple’s web-app directory for nice apps and add them to the list. If the list is grown enough I will start to categorize it for easier selection. So, if you don’t mind, just add a category suggestion to your findings.

Thank you very much, Henk.

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  1. reeder.29 - März 2, 2010

    It’s a website rather than a web application, but I designed the styling so it would be readable on handhelds, but use wider windows if available:

    In a browser such as Safari or Opera, try varying the window width!

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