Palm User Meeting 2009 in Hannover

Yesterday was the PUM 2009 in Hannover, Germany. Torsten started with an introduction into WebOS from a user’s view. After that, we had an interesting live-video chat with Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith from Palm. Afterwards, there was a small break for food, drinks and head-to-head chats. After the break I made a talk about developing for WebOS and presented some of the concepts (Services, Ajax-Requests, Databases, HTML5-Canvas) based on a fresh example application. The example application is a kind of GPS tracker with track view for WebOS and will be developed into a full application during the next weeks. It’s called MapTools atm.

As last talk, Jonas presented Homebrew on a Pré and the possibilities and risks.

The evening ended with a raffle where actually I won another Palm Pré which I now will give to my girlfriend. See some links and further infos after the break:

Read more in German here. For a list of pictures follow this link.

Presentation + Example App

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