2TwitMe 1.4

Here is 2TwitMe – the native twitter client for Palm OS. This will be probably one of the last updates for 2TwitMe. Twitter recently changed there authorization to oAuth and this is something to difficult to handle for me with Palm OS. I’ve installed a twitter proxy one a server of mine which will allow you to use Twitter with this new update. Here are the steps you have to do in order to get it work:

1. Use your desktop computer and visit

2. Click on “Sign in with Twitter” and you will be redirected to Twitter.

3. Enter your Twitter credentials and allow “2TwitMe Proxy” the access.

4. You are now back on my server: Enter a password to store your Twitter access
on my server. You could use your Twitter password or a new password. You will
need to use this password in 2TwitMe later on.

5. Now your timeline will be appear on my server.

6. Install the new 2TwitMe version (attached) and go to Settings->General

7. Enter in the Server field.

8. Go to Settings account and adjust your password if necessary.

9. Get your timeline. Authentification should work now.

You can download 2TwitMe as OTA installation or as zip Archive here:

Download: 2TwitMe.zip  2TwitMe.zip (154,7 KiB, 1.991 hits)

Download: 2TwitMe.prc  2TwitMe.prc (105,5 KiB, 1.852 hits)

Buy it from mobihand.

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  1. guile - Dezember 12, 2010

    Epic question: where the hell is the link to buy it ???

  2. guile - Dezember 12, 2010

    Note: it asks me for InitPhotoLib, i got a Zodiac which uses PalmOS 5.2…

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