2TwitMe 1.3

It’s done when it’s done and now it is done: 2TwitMe 1.3
Still the best Twitter client for Palm OS comes now with a ton of new cool features and enhancements. The first one: The Timeline is much more readable than ever before. You even get avatar pics. Here is the list of changes (still have in mind that I usually forget about the stuff I fixed):


* bigger timeline display (use lowres font)
* mark new tweets
* optional: keep current tweet on manual update
* tweet list position saved on app close
* optional: avatar images in tweet list
* hide pwd in account settings
* thumb-enabled GUI
* support of yfrog.com in preview
* search the tweet list
* handle first link in message view using space key
* better text input windows for permanent tag, search and url trim
* added is.gd as url trim service
* refresh avatar pics on user page (>>)
* Conversation display from message view

And now, hurry up and download and try it. You’re always welcome to leave a short message (on twitter for example, I follow the 2TwitMe tag) about your experiences.

Download: 2TwitMe.prc 1.3  2TwitMe.prc 1.3 (99,7 KiB, 2.839 hits)

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November 24, 2009 · admin · 17 Comments
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  2. Logout - Dezember 7, 2009

    Hello. Just updated from 1.2a to 1.3 and my first thought is: How can I possibly turn off ‘thumb-enabled’ scrollbar on the right of twitter feed? It is mostly unusable on Centro and it only interferes with text below it. Thanks.

  3. Zippich - Dezember 8, 2009

    Very nice progress! What I find useless are those navibuttons on the right, they are just disturbing me (and the text without the background looks strange). Can you please add the option to turn them off?

    And one more thing – I really miss tabs to select only Direct, Mentions and MY OWN messages. Maybe I can add them as an account? Is it how you planned it to work?

    Again – thanks for the app.

  4. blackylol - Dezember 21, 2009

    I’m using a Palm TT, and when I press Photo it asks me for InitPhotoLib, where can I find it ?

  5. admin - Dezember 21, 2009

    It’s part of newer PalmOS releases. I fear you are out of luck on the Palm TT.

  6. blackylol - Dezember 21, 2009

    Aw lol, I like to test any apps in my palm TT xD, like the CSPortable with zquake and show my friends i dont need a blackberry to be “cool”, and they only use it to post stupid things in facebook like a pic in the bath with their new expensive phone *facepalm*

    BTW, with snapper mail i can send pics from my palm to anyone, is really not possible to make it work for a TT ? i can even watch youtube in good quality.

    And thanks! 🙂

  7. admin - Dezember 21, 2009

    I will have look if I can support older APIs too.

  8. MrPete - Februar 7, 2010

    Great app!

    Here’s a Bug report and a question…

    (On Treo 755p) I’m attempting to use with image capture/send.

    Many problems relating to it often saying that it can’t confirm the tweet was sent:

    1) ALWAYS works if no image is attached

    2) ALWAYS works, but complains about no confirmation, if use a newly captured message.

    3) Sometimes works, always complains, if browse for image on internal card. ALWAYS fails if, when pressing Send, there is no “Send” phase but it immediately switches to “Recieve”.

    4) NEVER works if browse for image on SD card.

    Also, when using a captured image, the captured image is not saved in the Palm. Very scary since I have no guarantee the Tweet actually went out!

    I hope this helps! (I’m a S/W developer; if I can help track this down with a debug version or ??? just tell me what to do…)


  9. MrPete - Februar 7, 2010

    Also, a question: you mention support for YFrog in preview. Is there a way to switch from TwitPic to YFrog?

    (I like that YFrog puts the link after the text instead of before.)

  10. admin - Februar 8, 2010

    YFrog support means support for image preview from YFrog.

  11. MrPete - März 13, 2010

    Another bug report. 2TwitMe assumes that it ALWAYS has access to the Internet. I don’t think you meant it to do that, but that’s the reality.

    When I am in a place with little or no service, and/or if I just have Internet disabled for a while (on Treo, no need to pay for it all the time!)… I see the following problems:

    * The “Auto” button often re-enables itself (after every reboot?)

    * 2TwitMe always tries to update when I am leaving it… causes 3 or 4 network-access attempts in a row. Must cancel each one… very painful

    * If network access goes away in the middle of a twitter upload, 2TwitMe tends to crash, or lockup or whatever

    * I am also finding: if I leave “Auto” enabled (which is the default due to the auto-reenable bug above), my Treo crashes several times a day. If I carefully disable “Auto”… my treo never crashes.

    Looks like an opportunity for some cleanup 🙂

    THANKS for the great app!

  12. admin - März 13, 2010


    I’m using 2TwitMe several times per day with Classic on my Palm Pre:

    * Auto is always off and never enables itself
    * I disabled update on start and it only updates when I press the update button
    * when the coverage is bad it hangs for a minute during update, but never freeze. Maybe there is still some bug inside when only half of a msg was received. I will check it.
    * Auto enabled and 2TwitMe not active might also be not 100% rock stable especially if a low memory condition appears


  13. blackylol - Mai 18, 2010

    BTW, I been trying to make 2twitme work as it works twitter.com

    I want it to show the tweets of the people i follow as soon as i load the program, but I only c the tweets of the 2twitme… how can i do that ? o_o thanks

  14. admin - Mai 20, 2010

    In your Accounts setting, do you have Tweets checked? Try to lower the number of max tweets.

  15. blackylol - Juni 2, 2010

    Yes, i even tried only checking Tweets but, nothing on screen (also tried clean refresh)

  16. admin - Juni 2, 2010

    Select max 100 Tweets. 200 Tweets doesn’t seem to work in the Twitter API anymore.

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