2TwitMe Update: 1.1

2TwitMe, Version 1.1 is released:

* new icon (based on ideas from PUGCaster and stoiniger)
* get mentions and auto search results
* network code is more reliable
* better website preview
* support of foreign characters (as long as displayable)
* support for proxy base connection
* allows a couple of tries before starting to nag for registration
* bug fixes

Grab it from the download section.

September 23, 2009 · admin · 6 Comments
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  1. iwbyte - September 23, 2009

    Thank you for this program!

    Request from a registered user: Can you make a ‘back/next’ button in the pop-up window when you read a full tweet so you can just go back/forth among reading all the full tweets so you don’t have to close, open next one, close, open next one, etc.

  2. admin - September 23, 2009

    Have you ever tried the page up/down button in this dialog?

  3. artk - September 24, 2009

    thank you for this speedy update.

    especially grateful for:

    the emphasis on the “back” button from the reading full tweet dialog
    the less pesky nagware

    now for some suggestions:

    please, please fix the text encoding issue. you know, the one where quotations marks get turned into quot; it’s annoying as hell.

    also, it would excellent if the color scheme were customizable or just defaulted to the system default. that yellow is so ugly.

    a better status graphic. please? just a nice one that goes around in a little loading circle, not the screwy one that’s there now. there’s thousands of nice little animated gifs on the interwebs already, surely you could just steal one somewhere.

    maybe this is too much to ask, but i think the options to show avatars would be fantastic as well.

    it’s developing into a sweet little program, and i will definitely shell out money for it as soon as i can read tweets without having to read “quot;” all the time.

  4. fransoft - September 30, 2009

    Vielen Dank für das fantasticsch Programm!


    1.Would you please add ajustment function of font size;
    2.When open post tweet dialog, can the cursor focus on text input dialog, currently, the cursor focus on “send” button

  5. admin - September 30, 2009

    1. Will come, takes some time.
    2. Just start typing. You could also just start typing in the main view.

  6. fransoft - Oktober 1, 2009


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