LJP (Multi console emulator for Palm OS) 1.1 released

Yes, LJP 1.1 is out. It mainly fixes things like:

  • screen buttons (in the 4 screen corners) on Treo or Centro didn’t work
  • some games on SNES didn’t work because of the multi-adapter emulation, it’s optional now
  • in Genesis the 6 button joypad didn’t work, there is now an option to select between 3 or 6 button
  • the volume increments when using the Treo’s or Centro’s volume buttons where too big
  • the name of the currently selected game wasn’t readable because of wrong UI colors

As usual you can download a zip or a tar.gz file.

Also, I’ve released version 2.2 of 2LaunchMe, which is a great hotkey application launcher and online traffic counter for your Treo or Centro smartphone. The traffic counter also works on other Palm OS devices. Check it out at pdassi or mobihand.

BTW: Did you already nominate one o my apps for the PalmAddict Reader Awards 2008? No? Well I would very appreciate it 🙂

Funny enough, today I’ve release another version 2.2. This time it is an update for the WintecTool. If you plan to buy a GPS device and ever thought about having it track your route too (in addition to the standard routing stuff) the Wintec 201 might be something for you. At least the WintecTool is great for saving the track log to your Palm and convert it into a google map html file on the go.

Did you try PalmBuzzer? No? Well you should 🙂 It’s real fun. Download it here, add Wave-Sound files as you which and become a little musician.

Finally I want to mention FreaQs. Handmade leather covers for your Palm, Treo or Centro. You can find them here and I personally use on for my Treo since march and I’m still very excited about them. If you need a personal gift for yourself or a friend with a mobile device: it’s really worthwhile to check it out.

What else can you expect soon? 2Cool4U 1.0 is right around the corner. Gimme a couple of days for the last tests and I will release it. Another thing which I will create during the next days is a small tool to toggle static navigation for SiRF GPS devices. It will be base on the phyton scripts here. And finally there was a discussion about using a mobile phone or another Palm as input device for LJP. I will write a 6$ app in the next days, which will do exactly this. Your mobile phone or your Palm will just emulate this rare BT gamepad. You can then use it to control LJP, ZDoomZ, ZHeretic, ZHexen, ZQuake, Duke3D etc.

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