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The great palmaddicts website is going to elect the PalmAddict Reader Awards 2008. It would be cool if you could nominate 2Cool4U or 2PlayMe or PalmPDF or whatever you like. I very appreciate it.

To come to something different: At the moment I’m not only write a Palm Calendar -> iCalendar converter (to help some friends with their sync problems) I’ve also wrote (on a public request on Nexave forum) a very cool and entertaining app: PalmBuzzer. It’s not much to say about. Here you can see a short video of an older preview. Now you can set sound to the 4 hardware buttons, to letters and numbers and you can add a picture on top of the window.

These are the naming rules at the moment:

Every file needs to be a WAVE audio file and stored in /PALM/Programs/PalmBuzzer/

  • for the 16 on-screen buttons: Test1.wav to Test16.wav
  • for the 4 hardware buttons: Hard1.wav to Hard4.wav
  • for the letters: Letter_a.wav to Letter_z.wav
  • for the numbers: Number_0.wav to Number_9.wav
  • for the space key: Space.wav
  • for the skin: Test.jpg


PS: If you have problems to get the correct colors with the skins in 2Cool4U: It’s a known bug and will be fixed later with 1.0.

EDIT: Look, this is a current video. You might pump up the volume to hear something, sorry.

PalmBuzzer on youtube

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