2Cool4U 0.99, the iPhone(or whatever) look-alike contact scroller

Here it is, the last update before 1.0. Most features are included as I want to have them. I still think I will add one or another for the final 1.0 which you can expect during April.

What’s new in 0.99?

  • Come back to 2Cool4U when you finish a call initiated from 2Cool4U
  • Incremental search as in the build-in contact app
  • SIM card contacts can be included too
  • Contact pictures are scaled proportionally
  • Default phone number for each contact can be set
  • Icons for incoming/outgoing in call log
  • Contact can be created from unknown caller ID in call log

You can download it from here as zip or prc.

If you want to use it frequently don’t forget to register (or 2Cool4U will remind you). Until 1.0 isn’t released you can register at a special price on the website which is given in the register dialog inside 2Cool4U (check the menus). After the release of 1.0 I will move the registration process to one of the remaining Palm OS online shops and raise the price to cover the transaction fees.

Happy scrolling,

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