Bicycles on a highway

Today was a special day here in Berlin. Thousands of bicycles entered the town, throw the cars out of the streets:


and even occupied the city-highways:

On the southern city-highway.

We mounted our bikes (the daughter on a special seat on my girlfriends bike and my son in a special trailer behind my bike) and joined the course. The highlight was the race through a big tunnel:

The entrance of the tunnel. In the underground…

I used the tour to test my Wintec 201 GPS mouse and the “Wintec Tool ” I’ve wrote for it. Here you can see my track. I had to remove some points far outside the route and you might need to use the Internet Explorer to watch it. At least for me it doesn’t work with Seamonkey:

Track 2007-06-03

My “Wintec Tool” can be used to adjust the settings of the GPS mouse from the Palm or Treo using a Bluetooth connection. You can also export the recorded position log to the SD card and get the memory on the GPS mouse back. I will be available in some days for around 8 US-$ in an online shop near you. If you have a Wintec 201 GPS mouse, don’t forget to give it a try.

…and now to something complete different:

2 weeks ago I was on a short trip to Sweden, which is situated in the north of Germany. Seasons are a bit late there and on my way back I found the slogan which I think fits very well to it:


BTW: Don’t talk about the weather, you haven’t tried our food yet…

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