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I’ve released the WintecTool on last Friday just before I went to a short weekend trip in the mountains. Unfortunately a day ago I’ve introduced a bug into the tool, leading to invalid Header and Footer in the exported .tk1 file. The track points are all correct, just TimeMachineX will not recognize the single tracks. But saving as Visual Earth worked, don’t know about KMZ.

Anyway, I’ve fixed this bug, added also a check to inform the user when the log is empty and he tries to export it, added a “Success”-Alert on the end of the export and an automatically device infos rescan, when the log was cleared. I’ve also fixed the problem with restoring UBX-settings (Dyn. Platform Model and Static Threshold) from a saved profile.

You can download it from here.

My Trip (you might need the Internet Explorer to watch it)

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