Results of a long, long evening

are shown up: LJP 1.0rc7 is here and these are the news:

  • Screen modes should now be fail safe: no more memory trashing when selecting a wrong screen mode or when using x1.25 together with the Beltbar.
  • IR keyboard stuff is included: I only tested it in NES, there it works but expect a little lag. The keyboard is connected with 9600 bit/s and each single key message is 7 bytes long. In LJP-config select “IR keyboard” and press “Config” to configure the keys.
  • In the ROM-list: the currently selected ROM should stay selected even when you leave the ROM-list form and did the selection using up/down keys.
  • The Treo isn’t mistakenly considered as an hires+ device anymore.

As usual use it on your own risk and tell me the problems you find. Please specify your device, ROM and settings or it will be impossible for me to reproduce it. Known issues: “Wide+” on hires+ devices other than Zodiac should rotate the screen. It doesn’t make much sense to have the screen in 480 pixels width when your screen only has 320 pixels…

Also I’ve fixed 2 bugs in CallerInfo:

  • One did lead to a crash right away your call was ended (accessing global variable when you aren’t allow to do it)
  • The second were the time mistakenly filled in the date string variable, leaving the time variable uninitialized. Shouldn’t the compiler warn me about this?

That’s it. Enjoy the day,


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