CallerInfo, ready to release?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve dared to test CallerInfo during the last days. I did 🙂 and step by step it really starts to be a useful tool:

On one site you have the more on infos about the one who calls you, which is already a great feature.

Next, CallerInfo will assign vCalendar to the build-in calendar application if no other application already is in charge for this MIME type. Don’t ask me why Palm hasn’t done it right away.

And the last big feature is the AfterCall window which pops up when the call ends (here might be still an issue on Treo 650, the window might only be called when the other site exits the call. Please report.).

The AfterCall window allows you to define 5 buttons with: New Appointment, New Contact/Open Contact (if the caller was known or not), New Memo, New Task, New SMS, New Email. Window isn’t eye-catching yet, but rather functional and the file size is very moderate.

Grab your preview copy from here and spread the word about it.

Also I’ve re-uploaded LJP1.0rc7 after fixing a memory leak in Gameboy emulation and a bug in the save state naming code. Go to my homepage and get this version.

At last we come to ZDoomZ. The fellow needhelp  from yoyofr-forum pointed me a crash in the IR-config code of ZDoomZ. It’s fixed now and I’m also changed the way the music is extracted from the .wad-files. The songs are stored using there real names, but only if they aren’t already there. This will speed up level switches as the time consuming task of saving the Midi files can be skipped. Also you can put your own Midi files there. Just give them the correct name and ZDoomZ will play them instead of the original ones. Here again: Go to my homepage and get this version.

That’s it. Enjoy,


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