Traffic Counter in 2LaunchMe

Lately, I wrote here about the small realtime traffic counter I’ve added into 2LaunchMe (prc). It appears on the upper right corner of the display and is updated on every event which flows through the OS. I enhanced it now, added time, date, battery percent (all optional) and took care of changing widths and remaining parts on the screen.

Additional to this realtime traffic counter (only visible when the device is currently online and only displaying the traffic for the first active connection) 2LaunchMe tracks now also a summary about the traffic for up to 3 different connection profiles. You can reset this summary when ever you want and it will restart counting next time you go online. If you just need some basic stuff to track your connection traffic, give it a try and tell me what you think about.

CallerInfo (prc) got a small update: I’ve added an option to bypass the KeyLock after dismissing the AfterCall-dialog when you switch to another application instead of closing the dialog right away. B@tze, it’s for you.

Juli 27, 2007 · admin · 3 Comments
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  1. B@tze - Juli 28, 2007

    Great !

  2. powerbook - Oktober 6, 2007

    super – is there some documentation?

  3. admin - Oktober 7, 2007

    Documentation? Well, not yet. but I will add help texts in each window.

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