Some weeks ago, Palm announced its next “big thing” the Foleo. A sub-notebook sized mobile companion. It’s based on a Linux OS and will enhance your mobile phone with a larger screen and a full size keyboard.

I’m not very sure if it will be a success but decided to provide my intelligent flash-card e-learning application “MeisterMerker” for it. The big screen and the better input capabilities will take the learning experience to a new level. You could use the Foleo to enter your stuff and your Treo to repeat the lessons in every free minute.

Also, I guess people might like to have a 5 minute break with a level of “FlugLotse“. Therefore you may expect a version of it for the Foleo when it comes to the shops.

Let’s see what the future brings and how the market will appreciate this new device. At least it looks sexy and for its around 500 US-$ and its instant-on feature it might be a good alternative to a standard laptop for a lot of people.

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