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Summer time is coming and me own time is short. But during the last weeks I fixed something here and there and added some small but nice new features to some of my apps:


CallerInfo – I guess a still underrated little cool tool. It now knows the duration of your last call, if the call went out or came in and the after call window has now some nice icons (taken on the fly from Palm’s PIM apps). Check it out here as zip or prc, an official release will come when I found the time to address the “Foreign-letters skipped in Incoming Call Screen”-bug.


PhoneDisconnect – The ultimate answer to your missed calls and SMS. Many little features are added here. If you want to stop your Treo from roaming in unwanted situations, try to untick the “Roaming” checkbox in the “Call Settings”-screen. it might work but don’t get confused when the box is always checked when you come back to this screen. Also the reminder tones doe works now and, if you haven’t register yet, you can now test all features for 7 days. Don’t miss it, it really fills a gap on your Treo: zip or prc


WintecTool is also reduced and if you still don’t know what it’s used for: Wintec 201 (G-Rays 2) is a very small but high-resolution GPS-receiver with build-in data logger. WintecTool is what yo need to access the log on your way.

NetworkDown doesn’t need a discount, as it’s free as in beer. What’s new here? I’ve added a small and short used traffic display when you use it to switch off your network connections. Makes it easy to track down the used traffic for the last data period. Later I will enhance it and maybe I’ll do a separate tool for it too. But this one is free, useful and yes, it works on a Treo 680 too: zip or prc

Ok, don’t forget to check out the nice 50% discount on MobiHand.

Take care, Henk

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  1. - Juli 5, 2007

    [Software] Ontwikkelaar Metaviewsoft brengt updates van eigen software uit…

    I found your entry interesting so I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. B@tze - Juli 15, 2007

    Bezüglich Callerinfo :
    Ich wünsche anstelle einer Auto-Tastensperre nach erfolgtem Telefonat lieber eine Schaltfläche um selber auswählen zu können.
    Ist das machbar ?

  3. admin - Juli 26, 2007

    @B@tze: bestimmt, warte mal auf die nächste Version

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