Get shell access on your webos 2.1.0 device

If you are an experienced Linux user or just like to dig inside the core of your webos phone, you probably had a couple of advanced homebrew apps installed on your webos phone:
* Internalz for anything related with file activities (although an hex viewer is still missing)
* Terminal, Terminus or xterm for shell access directly on your phone

Terminal, Terminus and xterm are created/ported by the experienced members of the great webos-internals crew. Don’t forget to support their work with a kind donation.

In the early days of webos 2.x, none of them where available.

In the time between, Internalz reappeared in Preware and runs better then ever. Don’t forget to send a donation to JayCanuck!

xterm was fixed by rwhitby the founder of the webos-internals group. You can directly support his work by buying the Preware Homebrew Documentation

Terminal is using an undocumented plugin mechanism which obviously was changed in 2.x.

Terminus is a standard PDK app created with the WIDK and just like xterm can be fixed to run on webOS 2.x. Most of the following is based on a discussion with rwhitby on IRC and his findings described here.

1. Install Terminus on your phone
2. Run it once
3. Install Internalz
4. Open Internalz and enable “Master Mode” in the settings (last entry)
4a. Enable Linux lineendings in Internalz! It will not work without.
5. Use Internalz to open the file /var/palm/data/jailusers
6. find the line with terminus and change jail_game.conf to jail-native_palm.confjail_native-palm.conf (thx to AUDEMARS02 for the correction)
7. save the file
8. run Terminus and enjoy

I got different reports about this how-to. Chances are that it only works on a Pre2. If you follow it on your device, please leave a comment telling me which on which device you tried it and what the result is.
Even if it doesn’t work on your device, nothing will break. It’s just that Terminus still refuses to work correctly.

With step 4a it now works again on all devices.

And now something completely different:

I’m just creating a small app which allows you to present the screen of a Pre on a projector or any computer monitor. I used it to capture this little video:

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  1. Frost - März 12, 2011

    I can’t seem to get this to work on my 2.1.0 Pre2 (unlocked pre2 ordered from the palm eurostore, located in sweden if that’s relevant).

    Before this “cure” Terminus would just give me a black card, and now after doing this how-to it will at least give me a cursor, so I guess it’s some kind of improvement.

    Are there any obvious things I could do to try to debug this?
    If you’ve got time to look further into this, ping me on IRC (Frost @ Freenode).

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