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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just send the screen of your webos device to your desktop computer and view it on your monitor or show it on a video projector? Maybe you want present your next big thing a couple of customers? Well, you could install the emulator and show this, but maybe you want to integrate things which aren’t available on the emulator? Maybe you want to showcase multitouch or use the shaker? Well then presenter might help you.

It’s far from perfect, especially PDK apps aren’t always visible. Web apps sometimes aren’t complete, that’s why it’s more a prove of concept at the moment.

Presenter consists of 2 parts: an app on your WebOS smartphone and a java application on your desktop computer. As a java application it should run on Windows, Linux or Mac without problems.

The image you will see on your desktop has a kind of watermark at the moment. You will see the address of my website rolling over the screen. Soon I will submit the app to catalog and also have a paid version without watermark there. Until then you can find the package for your Pre and desktop server here:

Download: Presenter for WebOS  Presenter for WebOS (147,5 KiB, 1.888 hits)

Download: Server part for Presenter for WebOS  Server part for Presenter for WebOS (1,9 KiB, 2.070 hits)

Here are videos which show what you get:

Presenter for WebOS
Another example of Presenter for WebOS

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  1. konus - Juni 9, 2011

    Ich würde die App interessant finden, wenn es möglich wäre, das Gerät mit Tastatur und Maus fernzusteuern. Also so ne art VNC für den Pre.
    So könnte man leicht längere Texte mit der Tastatur des Computers eingeben.

  2. waw_cool - Juni 25, 2011

    I think that’s almost what I was looking for, a way to see (and control?) the Pre 2 from the PC, withouth needing to access it all the time 🙂

  3. waw_cool - Oktober 3, 2011


    would this work on the Touchpad?

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