Terminus on WebOS 2.1

Terminus should now be able to work on every 2.1 device. I’ve updated my previous article here. Please take attention to step 4.a which is the key for the none-working attempts. If you already have a none-working Terminus because of the wrong line endings, try the following:

1. set line endings in internals to ‘linux’ 🙂
2. open the jailusers file again
3. go to the end of the line where the jail for terminus is defined
4. make a new newline
5. remove the previous newline, which is now the empty line beneath the Terminus line
6. save it

If you don’t want to mess around with your phone, you could also wait some short time. In the preware testing feeds there is already a working xterm package and soon there will be a working Terminus too (thanks to rwhitby).

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