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Sharepoint Workflowhistory wieder zuordnen

Wir setzen bei uns Microsoft Sharepoint als DMS ein. Ein von mir geschriebener Genehmigungsworkflow mit mehreren Prüfern, Genehmigern und Informierten soll die ISO-gerechte Nachverfolgung sichergestellt werden. Dabei fiel auf, das MS Sharepoint die Verknüpfung zwischen Workflowhistory und Dokument nach 60 Tagen löscht. Wenn man im Netz danach sucht, gibt es mehrere Fundstellen dazu. […]

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Was zum Thema Energiesicherheit und AKWs

Durch Zufall bin ich gerade über diesen schönen Artikel aus dem Focus vom letzten Spätsommer gestolpert: . Danke lieber Focus, selten so gelacht…

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Touchpad owner with some bucks to share? Look at this list of my Touchpad enhanced apps:

A fast and comfortable access to the Wikipedia frontpage (news, on this day, article of the day etc.) An offline dictionary English/German Discover and explore interesting and curious places around you

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I don’t know when it will appear in the preware feed. If you want to test it, here is the ipk: Please check Preware for the latest updates of OfflineBrowser. As some of you might already read on Twitter, I wrote little Offline Browser app which tries to fix some annoyance with the original browser […]

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Precaching for webOS

After the last changes on website, the nice app “Geocaching for webOS” doesn’t work anymore. The developer of this open source app isn’t available right now (in fact he hasn’t answered any question etc. since month). I started to fix the app, as it is a nice companion to MapTool for getting geocaches around […]

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MapTool Pro

Follow this link to download the latest version of MapTool Pro on your webOS device. The main view is a map view with a top status layer and a bottom status layer and a standard command button menu on the very bottom. The top status layer shows configurable values. The bottom status layer shows time […]

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Terminus on WebOS 2.1

Terminus should now be able to work on every 2.1 device. I’ve updated my previous article here. Please take attention to step 4.a which is the key for the none-working attempts. If you already have a none-working Terminus because of the wrong line endings, try the following: 1. set line endings in internals to ‘linux’ […]

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Presenter for WebOS

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just send the screen of your webos device to your desktop computer and view it on your monitor or show it on a video projector? Maybe you want present your next big thing a couple of customers? Well, you could install the emulator and show this, but maybe […]

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Get shell access on your webos 2.1.0 device

If you are an experienced Linux user or just like to dig inside the core of your webos phone, you probably had a couple of advanced homebrew apps installed on your webos phone: * Internalz for anything related with file activities (although an hex viewer is still missing) * Terminal, Terminus or xterm for shell […]

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Crimson Fields for WebOS Source Code

Nobody did request it, but anyway, before trying to fix the issues with campaign mode, I’m going to release the adjusted source code of Crimson Fields for WebOS version 1.2.1, based on the original source code from version 0.5.3. Download it from You need to install the current SDK/PDK for WebOS from HP/Palm. For […]

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