2Cool4U, 0.98

The next step on the way to 1.0…


  • Settings – Assign to button: first click it will assign 2c4u, second click it will allow you to chose another app to assign.
  • Settings – Contacts – 2nd Line: select what to show in the second line in the scroll list.
  • Menu – Remove Doubles: firs attempt to remove doubled entries. Atm, entries must also have the same layout in memory (I guess, you need to know about the way the contacts DB is stored to understand it.), means there might be doubles which aren’t found with this function. Will be improved later on.
  • Menu – Dial Pad: access to the system’s dial pad.
  • When in call log and you have a number without associated name, 2c4u let you add it to the contact DB.
  • When more than one email address, it will pop up another selection window.
  • Number selection and email selection windows can be dismissed by tapping outside the window.
  • A lot of bugs (e.g. scroll to name) fixed…

You can download the files from here: .zip or .prc. Please don’t forget you will need the pnoJpegLib.prc (included in the zip file) to display the contact photos.

Roadmap to 1.0:

  • Find doubles enhanced.
  • Call log with some bitmaps for in/out, as in the system’s phone application.
  • Filtering the contact list to allow “szelmani” to match “sophie zelmani”.
  • What else?

If you like, you could also leave a comment at mytreo.net.

Thx, Henk

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