2Cool4U 0.97, the iPhone-alike contact scroller

Ok, another update for 2Cool4U:
zip or prc

  • Bugfix for the black screen when changing categories
  • Bugfix for the black screen when jumping to the first entries using the keyboard
  • Bugfix for category name on Hires+ devices
  • Skin support for skinning the contact view form, 4 skins are included in the zip file (thx to Alex Marquardt)
  • Better support for jumping to entries using the keyboard (the entered text is shortly displayed in the bottom row)
  • There is an option on some devices which number should be displayed in lists, 2c4u takes it into account for speed dialing.
  • Maybe more, but as usual I forgot it already…

I wish you like this update. For registration you can just follow the link on 2c4u’s registration form or go to http://www.metaviewsoft.de/2c4u

Attention: I changed the height of the entries a bit again (last time, promised). You will get disturbed contact images. Please go to menu->settings and press “Clear Cache”. Then exit 2c4u and reopen it. Now all pictures should be ok. The Height of the entries depends now on the font size. Means you could use a font replacer on your Palm (like Fonts4OS5 or FontSmoother).


PS: Stay tuned for an updated PalmDosBox in a couple of days. You will read about and be able to download it here in my blog.

PPS: Please don’t spread direct links to the files: 1st they might not work and 2nd I pay the monthly server costs with the revenue from the displayed google ads (Well, only if people click on them…).

Januar 22, 2008 · admin · 3 Comments
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  1. earchide - April 30, 2008

    I tried to install it on my palm T5, because it’s too cool !
    it works but :
    – pics of contacts does not appears
    – clicking in dial freezes the palm. => could be interesting to use the speaker on off-line products don’t you think ?
    could be a cooool feature (or to display a text, such as : dialing not available or smth like this…)

  2. admin - April 30, 2008

    – Have you pnoJpegLib.prc installed?
    – Hm, doesn’t happen here. I call the registered helper app, if there isn’t an helper app, it might just return. At least this is how it works on my TX: the dial app comes app and want to dial using a connected mobile phone.

  3. imop45 - August 30, 2008

    I guess those dots after the sentence about people clicking google ads means not many are clicking them. You should make a post about clicking ads! 🙂 ill click some for you.

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