Jumping on the iPhone train

“Jumping on the iPhone train” (no, I don’t have an iPhone yet and surely won’t buy one in its current locked state) is at the moment mainly writing mobile web-apps using Javascript, HTML and CSS. Things which when done carefully also work on real smartphones. Look for example my first mobile web-app: Henk’s Consumption Calculator which works on Safari, on Seamonkey (I love the connection of an email application and a browser) and on Palm’s Blazer. I didn’t make tests with Internet Explorer, but I’m sure it isn’t more limited than good old Blazer.

Blazer btw. doesn’t work well with table-based layouts (which I’m normally use) and ‘Optimized Mode’. Switching to ‘Wide Page Mode’ helps here. Means when you wanna try my Consumption Calculator on Blazer, open the menu and switch to ‘Wide Page Mode’.

Soon, I will start browsing Apple’s web-apps directory for applications which work on Blazer and create a list on my new page for mobile web-apps. The screen-size on the TX fits well with the iPhone’s screen-size. In the meantime just let me a note how well or not the Consumption Calculator works for you. Could you imagine to pay a yearly fee (few US-$) to have a login with a list which stores your results?

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