Using a Dual-SIM in my Treo 680

This time I want to give you some advise how to use a Dual-SIM adapter in your Treo 680:

After reading several successful stories about the analog-Dual-SIM adapter in Treo phone from I decided to buy one for my Treo 680.

The adapter consists of a connector in shape of a standard SIM-card which goes into the SIM slot. Then you have bigger part where you can insert your two SIM cards.

bild-3.jpg bild-4.jpg

The adapter is around 1.5 mm thick.


All you need now are your SIM cards, your Treo 680 and this adapter.


I use 2PlayMe to switch off my phone at night and switch it back on in the morning and also to switch it on after a reset. 2PlayMe has also the PIN code stored and enters it when switching on the phone. The adapter toggles between both card on every phone off/on. Therefore it was necessary to alter the PIN on one card to match the PIN of the other card. You can use the Treo to do it: go to the Phone-App, open the menu and select Phone Lock. Here you will have “Change PIN”.

To have the cable fit into the SIM slot, I had to modify it a bit. A sharp knife is sufficient and you might even remove more of the plastic to have it even better fit. It will still be enough plastic to hold a single SIM, as you have it still on the other site.


The SIM-adapter fits now tight but firm into the slot and the remaining part can be put under the battery. You will see that the lid will also be a bit tight. But everything fits and for me it worked without a problem.

bild-8.jpg bild-9.jpg bild-10.jpg

I adjusted 2LaunchMe to have

a) a toggle phone option (without PIN entering at the moment)


b) display 2 different colors for given and a different provider. This allows me very fast to see which SIM is currently active and the toggle phone option (I mapped it to a longer “z”-press) makes the switch very easy and fast. Also does 2LaunchMe count the traffic using the real network preference name as reference to distinguish between the ppp0-connection from one or the other card.

bild-11.jpg bild-12.jpg bild-13.jpg bild-15.jpg bild-14.jpg

There is an article for using a Dual-SIM in a Palm Centro here.

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  1. maceyr - Oktober 6, 2007

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have posted a reference to this very valuable post at Palm Addicts here. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. maceyr - Oktober 7, 2007

    One more question, which dual SIM Card adapter did you use? There are so many on the page. I would appreciate it if you can please provide this info. Thanks!

  3. admin - Oktober 7, 2007

    Some follow-up:

    Why do I need 2 SIM-cards in one phone?

    I have one SIM which I use for voice calls. It’s a phone number which i have since 3 years. The other SIM card is for a quite cheap data rate. I added a call forward for my standard number to the data number whenever the standard isn’t available. This means I will not miss a call even when I’m online with my other SIM.

    Which adapter did I use and what do one need to check?

    I used adapter Type 3. It’s the one which fits best the 680: in the SIM slot the cut corner needs to be in the upper left corner. All other adapters have the cut corner on the wrong side. For a 650 I’m not sure you will have much luck with such an adapter. There is no room for the SIM cards. They will be placed outside the phone.


  4. maceyr - Oktober 8, 2007

    Thanks very much for your reply. I forgot that the Treo 650 has the SIM card tray on the outside, unlike the Treo 680’s internal SIM card tray. I had forgotten that.

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  6. Hosky - Januar 20, 2008

    Thank you for this tip. I have only one question. What about battery stand by time? I have read several articles that some SIM adapters drain battery extremely. Thank you for your reply.

  7. admin - Januar 20, 2008

    Well, the battery stand-by time isn’t the best on the Treo 680. But I haven’t recognized a drop with the dual-sim adapter. If you switch often it surely will cost some energy, just because the Treo is searching for a network more often.

  8. Hosky - Januar 20, 2008

    Thank you for your reply. And 2nd question. Is it really type 3 adapter (as mentioned above)? The only one in price 16,99 Euro? It looks quite different in the photo.

  9. admin - Januar 20, 2008

    Yes, it is the one: check it with your Treo 680. The sky-blue is the one which goes into the slide (it has the cut-corner on the correct side) the other part is for your both SIM cards. It fits below the battery but you will need to bend the cable a bit. It doen’t fit straight. But if you carefully look at the other, they doesn’t fit at all.


  10. Hosky - Januar 20, 2008

    Thank you. I have recognized the difference with cut corner in this moment. I made my order now.

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