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In the last PalmHotApps competition 2 of my apps where getting each one of the 1000 US-$ prices: MapTool and Match This!

Palm will send all winners a nice Hot Apps Award logo to include in our website. Until it arrives I will direct your attention to the list of all my apps in the AppCatalog with a special reference to my 2 PDK apps which I currently have in the PDK Hot Apps promotion: Mandel and ShoutOut

Application Published
Short Comment

FreeWeather v0.9.4

11-12-2009 3.1 Display weather icons on a map around you.

Consumption Calculator v0.9.2

12-01-2009 3.6 Keep track of your fill ups.

Match This! v1.2.0

06-08-2010 4.2 Memory game against your smartphone.

OGCOpenInfo v0.9.0

12-28-2009 3.6 Info client for the online golf game OGCOpen.

Match This! Pro v1.1.1

04-15-2010 4.3 Memory game against your smartphone. The enhanced Pro version (more cards, adaptive level of difficulty)

Wikay v1.0.3

04-01-2010 5 Explore wikipedia every day.

MapTool v1.3.0

08-12-2010 4 I know you have Google Maps. But what if you are abroad or coverage is bad? Then you have MapTool.

TravelGuide Light v1.2.0

06-19-2010 4.3 Get infos around your current location or any other place on earth from wikipedia.

TravelGuide Pro v1.2.0

07-28-2010 4.2 Get infos around your current location or any other place on earth from wikipedia. Pro version with lot of additional features.

UberRadio v1.3.1

07-28-2010 3.9 Streaming internet radio with sleep timer and really save alarm clock feature.

No Rain Please v1.0.0

04-10-2010 4.4 Rain radar for Germany.

Just Pong v1.3.0

06-22-2010 3.4 Play pong on your Palm.

Soccer 2010 v1.1.0

07-28-2010 4 Soccer game for your Palm.

UberAppCat v1.3.0

08-18-2010 3.9 The better frontend to the App Catalog. +beta +web apps

iCalImporter v1.2.0

08-18-2010 2.7 Your Palm can’t import iCal/VCS calendar files? Now, he does. Even directly from an email.

Thunder v1.0.0

07-28-2010 5 How far away is the thunder storm?

Mandel v1.0.0

08-18-2010 3.8 Mandelbrot – Fractals – Zoom into the beauty of the numbers.

ShoutOut v1.0.0

08-18-2010 3.5 Vintage text scroller for your Palm.

Please do me the favor and download Mandel and ShoutOut from the AppCatalog on your Palm Pre for free.

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