Make your mobile live even more productive…

…with 2PlayMe.

2PlayMe is a leading “cron”-like application for PalmOS, featuring several alarm clock options (MP3, MIDI, SNOOZE, FADE IN, SUN RAISE SIMULATION, …), switches for almost every system feature (PHONE, BT, WIFI, DEFAULT CONNECTION, KEYGUARD, KEYLIGHT, SECURITY, …), specials (WAKE ON LAN, BRIGHTNESS, SMS, BATTERY CHECK, …) and shortcuts to other helper applications (HOTSYNC, ATOMIC TIME SYNC, MACROS, …)

2PlayMe was recently updated to 4.0 and comes now with a week selector, making alarm definitions even more flexible. Now you can define the actions based on your regularly shift work, or you can disable the usual weekday wake-up alarm during your holiday times.

Have a look on an example use pattern for 2PlayMe on your Treo or Centro smartphone device:

  • 06:00 Backlight 0%
  • 06:05 BT On
  • 06:10 Default Connection to “Internet Over BT”
  • 06:15 Time Sync
  • 06:20 Sync Emails (external email application needs to be configured)
  • 06:25 Sync Weather (external weather application needs to be configured)
  • 06:30 Hotsync
  • 06:45 BT Off
  • 06:50 Brightness 25%
  • 06:55 Phone On
  • 07:00 Wakeup with your favorite playlist and Pocket Tunes
  • 08:00 Default Connection to “Wireless GSM/GPRS”
  • 23:00 Phone Off

More things are possible, just play around with it and use your imagination. Have in mind that with version 4.0 you even could switch on a certain SIM card if you have one of the existing analog DUAL SIM adapter installed.

2PlayMe and all my other applications are currently on sale at Don’t forget to check it out, the sale lasts one week and you can save 20% on each of my tools.

“2PlayMe, let your phone work while you sleep”,


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